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Although Vietnam has one of the highest population densities in the world, the population isn’t evenly dispersed.

In 2005, Save the Children led a program to improve maternal and newborn health for ethnic minorities in mountainous and remote areas, called Household-to-Hospital Continuum of Care. The program included Danang and Kjanh Hoa, and later expanded into 5 total provinces by 2012. The approach provided medical services at hospitals and health centers, while providing education on breastfeeding and protective maternity and infant-care practices. We also helped women establish livelihoods and provide economic security for their children.

Since 2013, Save the Children has worked with local communities and organizations in Vietnam to design Sponsorship programs for kids. Targeted to help children from early childhood to early adulthood, our programs work to make a healthy and safe environment where children can learn and grow.

Our programs designed for primary school-aged kids work to transform students into lifelong learners by building strong curriculums and passionate teachers. We also provide health education and care to children in need through our school health programs to help children stay healthy, well-nourished and in school. And, our Child Survival Project collaborates closely with the Ministry of Education to tackle other important issues like reproductive health and HIV education.

Thanks to the generous support from our community of sponsors, these essential programs in Vietnam continue to give children a healthy start and the opportunity to learn, protecting them from harm along the way.

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